January 2016

I've just been doing a few small artworks over January as I've been busy holidaying, researching and writing. One of the things I was asked to do was to create a colour-in page for a calendar with the theme of 'peace'.  All of the images for the calendar were created by other archaeological illustrators that I've worked with in Jordan and we all chose to write 'peace' in a different language.  I chose Latin and produced a stained-glass window design.  I also included a fresh translation of the well-known Latin phrase 'pax hominibus bonae voluntatis'.  Although this is usually translated as 'peace on earth and good will to all men' it should technically read 'peace to men of good will'.  I thought this was a bit dated.. what does men of good will mean these days?  So I decided to do a fresh translation, coming up with 'peace to everyone who strives to be kind'.  The colour-in calendar can be downloaded and used by anyone - but we are asking that you make a small donation to a peace-related charity, such as UNICEF.

Here is the link: https://colourinpeace.wordpress.com.

I also did a little sketch for an upcoming show at Maitland Regional Art gallery called 'Extinct and Endangered' which illustrates all of the animals in Australia (presented life size) that are struggling to survive, or have already lost that struggle.  I was asked to illustrate 'Gould's Mouse' which was a large mouse that lived in sandy burrows, mainly in the New England Area of NSW. Unfortunately it is already extinct.